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Travel round the year or summer / autumn season travel in Bangladesh


These trip cover the low lying countries peoples and culture, historical heritage, tea plantation, rain forest and waterfalls, hillside cruise around valley and remote tribal life, Eco system  nature and wildlife and River of life!

Places to visit:  * DHAKA – The Capital city ongoing life with chaos, historical heritage, Monuments and Museum.

  • Sonargaon – Medieval City of trade and commerce and Independent Capital ( 13th to 17th Century )
  • Rocket steamer – the paddle wheel steamer built by British Raj namely rocket steamer now converted into diesel engine only Wednesday and Saturday Depart Dhaka.
  • Barisal – once known as Chandradwip surrounded by many rivers with fertile plain lands. Experience the difference of peasants and floating market. We call it “ Venice of Bengal “
  • Bagerhat – City of Khalitabad establish by Khan Jahan Ali in the 15th Century, UNESCO status World heritage sites for Sixty Dome Mosque “
  • The Sundarban – World largest Mangrove forest where living diverse of wildlife and Bengal Tiger.
  • Puthia – Hindu Temple town beyond Rajshahi
  • Gaur – Medieval Capital town a part of Gauda Kingdom. Mosque architecture of Sultanate regime along the rural village.
  • Paharpur – The Second largest Buddhist Vihara represent the most spectacular and magnificent architectural monument of Bangladesh. Paharpur Buddhist Bihar had been the Buddhist center for the last 300 years. Buddhists from other countries such as China, Tibet, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia etc used to come here to learn religious education and religious philosophical knowledge.
  • Mahasthangarh – used to be the Capital of the Pundra kingdom and was known as Pundranagara dating back to 3rd BCE. Consequently inhabited by the Maurya, Gupta, Emperor Ashoka fame and Pala dynasties. There are also marks of Afghan settlement in the 12th century.
  • Sylhet – is the holy town of Northeast part of Bangladesh share border with Meghalaya of India, Jaflong is most picturesque place of Bangladesh natural beauty surrounded by hills, river, waterfalls, wetlands and river.
  • Srimangal – is the Tea Capital of Bengal. Many terraced tea garden, fruit orchard, rainforest, waterfalls and wetlands always attracts travelers.
  • Rangamati – Hill town of Chittagong hill tracts where 10 more species Indigenous people living with harmony around Kaptai lake valley and urban center.
  • Chittagong – is the main port city of Bangladesh, Ship breaking are most economic development projects of Bangladesh.

Tour itinerary:

Day-01: welcoming you by our tour guide at airport then Dhaka city heritage sites will be cover before board into the Rocket steamer 1st class journey.


Either Wednesday or Saturday manually the rocket steamer depart Dhaka at 06:30 PM to Barisal / Hularhat / Morelganj or Mongla / Khulna.


Barisal backwater trawler boat cruise to floating market, late in the afternoon check in hotel.


 steamer launch cruise to Hularhat early in the morning and more than 3 hours after car journey to visit Bagerhat World heritage listed Sultanate Mosque and Mausoleum, overnight in Mongla pashur hotel deluxe room.


Visit beautiful Sundarban mangrove forest for a daylong cruise, late in the afternoon car drive to Khulna, check in City inn hotel.


In the afternoon on arrival Rajshahi check in hotel and have lunch, rest of the day visit most remarkable temples and king palace.

Day-06:  Paharpur vihara, Kushumba Mosque and Mahasthangarh

Depart Rajshahi in the morning 60km drive to visit Kushumba Mosque (stone built Sultanate structural Mosque ) then drive another 2 hours for the significant visit to an ancient World famous Buddhist destroyed monastery in Paharpur Buddhist vihar or somapur Mahavihara built by Sri Dharma paldev, the second king of the Pala dynasty of late 7th century. In 1985 UNESCO gave it the status of the World Heritage Site. after visiting and learning the terracotta’s arts, sculpture in  this World most largest and ancient educational institute bus drive to Bogra for night pass.

Day-07:  Most ancient urban settlement – Mahasthangarh

 Mahasthangarh – used to be the Capital of the Pundra kingdom and was known as Pundranagara date back to 700 BC. Consequently inhabited by the Maurya, Gupta,  Emperor Ashoka fame and Pala dynasties. There are also marks of Afghan settlement in the 12th century. The museum traces the different settlement of Mahasthan along with artifacts found there. We will discover the Govindha vita, tomb of shah sultan, Vasu vihara or narapatir dhap, Jiyat kunda also called the well of life and Gokul meth or Behula’s Nuptial house.

 overnight stay in Momo inn – Bogra 5 star hotel

Day-08: Visit char Village of Jamuna River

We will bus and local transport drive to Sariakandi taking a boat trip to explore peasants activities of the Jamuna char village, in the afternoon started return private car journey to Dhaka.


early morning wake up catching direct train ( Sonar Bangla express ) no local train and its arrive by 01:30 PM for having a lunch bus drive to Rangamati hill town, chec

k in hotel sufia or green castle hotel.

 Day-10: RANGAMATI Kaptai lake cruise exploring spots and remote tribal village

Full day cruise to explore the undiscovered land of the indigenous people while cruise around hills and numerous islands stretches throughout the vast man-made lake largest in Asia bordering with Mizoram India. Experience the difference in Kaptai lake around isolated island villages and bazaar, waterfalls, remote valley, Buddhist vihar and Chakma handicraft center.

Overnight stay in Rangamati – hotel Sufia or green castle


Visit Chittagong ship breaking activities and overnight sleeper class train journey to Sylhet.

Day-12:  Sylhet – jaflong and lalakal cruise

In the morning a car drive to Jaflong and Tamabil seeing the most viewed picture-sque scenery of a river along the waterfalls and series of hills, experience the stone collection activities from a boat, explore a tribal village, return to sari ghat from where a significant boat trip on Lalakhal around rare scenic beauties and terraced tea garden, return to Sylhet.

Overnight stay  – Sylhet hotel.

Day-13: Srimangal – the tea Capital, rain forest and hillside dam

In the morning after breakfast train journey to Srimangal and in the afternoon scenic drive to visit Madhabpur valley and activities of the tea pickers surrounded by small hills.

Overnight stay in Nishorgo Eco resort

Day-14: Rain forest trail and tribal villages

Early in the morning 3km drive to explore Lawacherra rain forest in search of hoolock gibbons, phayre’s leaf monkey, macaque, wild boars, jungle fowl, barking deer, fox, wild cat,   and other rare endanger animals, explore Khasia and Monipuri tribal villages, in the afternoon return train journey to Dhaka.

Overnight stay in Dhaka

Day-15: day excursion to Sonargaon archaeological site and Jamdani weaving

Leave the Volvo bus at Mugrapara on the way to Dhaka, after an early breakfast visit historic  Sonargaon which was once administrative centre, port and mint-town during sultanate period and the old Capital city of Muslim sultanate and independent Bengal Sultan ( 13th to 17th Century) where you will visit Panam ruins city, rich terracotta’s palace, folk arts and craft museum, in the afternoon cruise on mighty Meghna river seeing the Ganges river system natural beauty, farmer and fisherman life of the char village after 3 hours of cruise, in the evening leave the boat at Gopaldi and few km cng drive to check in expeditions home stay cottage ( basic accommodation )

Day-16: weaving village life and terracotta’s palace

Early in the morning walk to morning bazaar after having breakfast rural drive 3km to a traditional weaving factories those weaving under Aarong then 4km drive to a British landlord palace with ornate terracotta’s of floral motifs, after having lunch bus drive to Sylhet ( 6 hours drive ) and check in Sylhet hotel.

Day-17: airport transfer catching your final departure from Bangladesh after ending Bangladesh tour as well by God grace.

Price per person: USD.

Single person—2 person—-03 person —-04 person —06 person

$ 2600……….1520………….1270……….1100 ………..990

Price includes:

  • All transfer and sightseeing by private Ac vehicle
  • Private Cruise
  • All food + entry fees + Accompanied tour guide
  • Rocket steamer 1st class cabin
  • Chittagong to Sylhet overnight train and Dhaka to Chittagong to Dhaka by morning train, Srimangal to Dhaka by afternoon train.
  • The tour as per itinerary.

Remarks: In the winter season travelers can discover wildlife sanctuaries along the Bay of Bengal for 3 days and additional cost per person will be $ 150 and if we do not find any package tour to Sundarban then private Sundarban tour are expensive but we provide corporate discount in the Sundarban private adventure.

Bangladesh travel round the year
Duration – 12 days / 11 nights

  •  Dhaka – the Capital worst city of Bangladesh with its rich history and heritage. Friday and Saturday is less traffic while visiting the monuments and museum
  • Rocket steamer cruise – British built famous paddle wheel steamer converted diesel engine only 4 are still run from Dhaka on every day except Friday and new shape rocket “ launch” on Monday and Thursday.
  • Bagerhat – the another 15th centuries sultanate Mosque magical structure and get status World heritage site.
  • Rajshahi – Buddhist archaeological sites and the past glorious historic city of Mosque, Temples and single largest Buddhist Stupa- World heritage site.
  • Bogra – the earliest Capital of 3rd centuries BC and Asia famous Buddhist education centre.
  • Dinajpur – the most ornate historical and terracotta’s Kantaji Temple.
  • Sonargaon – the old capital, port and mint-town of Bengal while convenient environment for processing fine linen and produced World famous Muslin. The administrative center of Muslim rulers of Bengal and Bhati kingdom. Historic sonargaon had hate story of  east India company while indigo farming and developed European cloth trade center at the lost rich British colonial architectural Panam city.
  • Srimangal – the home of hoolock gibbons in Lawacherra rain forest and two minorities those still servant of tea cultivators. Srimangal is the tea Capital as large quantities of finest tea produces in the slopes small hillside green region under Sylhet.
  • Sylhet – Jaflong and Lalakhal- is the 2nd most visited beauty of Bangladesh very close to Indian border where many limestone flow with the stream of Indian waterfalls give us panoramic view of waterfalls, river background of the series of hills.

Tour itinerary:
Day-01: our guide met and greetings at Dhaka airport and transfer to hotel 71. If the arrival time by afternoon then visit Dhaka main attractive places.
Day-02: Dhaka trip or Sonargaon archaeological site and Rocket journey
in the morning at 08:00 AM check out hotel for Keraniganj boat building activities or Sonargaon ancient golden capital sightseeing, in the late afternoon board into rocket steamer 1st class cabin for an overnight sleeper journey to Hularhat.
Day-03: Bagerhat shait Gumbad Mosque – another World heritage site
early morning wake up and see rustic charms from rocket steamer while rest of the few hour cruise to Hularhat, at around 09:30 AM leave the rocket and drive to Bagerhat Sixty dome Mosque and other historical sites with a brief of potters family those continuing their traditional works, check in city inn hotel deluxe room.
Day-04: train journey and Visit Puthia Temple city
Depart Khulna early in the morning catching train journey to Rajshahi while arrive in the afternoon drive to Puthia Temple city – the most significant are Shiva, Jagannath and Guvinda Temple, check in hotel.

Day-05: Mango retreat and ancient Mosque city – Gaur
2 hours drive to Chapai Nawabganj for eating mango and exploring ancient several Mosque, the main attractive are Chhota sona Mosque, Darasbari Mosque, Chika Mosque, Tahkhana complex and Bagha Mosque if time permits wish to experience kantha stitching and motifs, return for overnight at Rajshahi.

Day-06: Paharpur vihara, Kushumba Mosque and Mahasthangarh
Depart Rajshahi in the morning 60km drive to visit Kushumba Mosque (stone built Sultanate structural Mosque ) then drive another 2 hours for the significant visit to an ancient Buddhist destroyed monastery in Paharpur Buddhist Bihar or somapur Mahavihara built by Sri Dharmapaldev, the second king of the Pala dynasty of late 7th century. In 1985 UNESCO gave it the status of the World Heritage Site. after visiting drive to Bogra at Mahasthangarh – the ancient name is Pundranagar was rich and prosperous wall city during the 3rd Century BCE while the region pundravardhana of Ashoka More than five hundred years before the birth of Jesus many scalars compare the ancient Pundravardhana with the indus civilization of Mohanjodaro saying like Mahasthan is Mohanjodaro of Bengala. There were 20 monasteries include Vasu bhihar once famous Buddhist learning center of more than 700 students from different countries of the world widely famous Buddhist university before 2400 years lasts more than thousand years.
Outside the wall, founded Govindha vita and pottery, coins, ornaments, terracotta and stone carved paintings, statues of stone, statues of gods, copper medals, arrows, knives, iron spears etc of 4th century BC. There are several types of monuments in the first and second centuries BC, with paintings, shields and printed copper coins.
The ancient Mahasthan involved with many historic events of Maurya, Gupta, shanga, pala, Sultanate period and the arrival of Buddha, Empire Ahoka fame and memories of Bakhtiar Khiliji, overnight at Bogra Naz garden hotel.

Day-07: Dinajpur Kantaji Temple
Depart Bogra by car takes 2 hours and half to Kantaji Temple is famous for its terracotta work on the famous temple. There are about 15 thousand terracotta tiles in the entire temple. You will discover the surrounding and the sides of the temple, wondering, there is no resemblance to one with these ornate terracotta. These terracotta fruits have many stories of social life in the middle of the medieval period and the epic of the story of Ramayana, Mahabharata and various myths.
After lunch, our return drive to Dhaka by car / van and hopefully arrived Dhaka hotel air inn by 11:00 PM ( dinner will be served from highway restaurant)

Day-8: trip to Srimangal and visit Madhabpur valley
Depart Dhaka at around 08:00 AM by private Ac vehicle about to Srimangal takes maximum 4 hours slow drive to arrive, check in tea resort after having lunch drive to Madhabpur lake beyond hills to look the hills view of Indian Tripura, return through tea garden narrow road both side garden of small green hills will attracts you, you also happy if you find tea plucking by female workers those are traditional servant since British Raj, experience special layer tea before check in resort.

Day-9: Lawacherra rain forest + tribal villages and tea garden with Madhabpur valley
in the morning after an early breakfast few km drive to explore Lawacherra rain forest where you chance to see hoolock gibbons swinging canopy of the tall trees while you walk through deep forest in 2 hours trail then take a rest and walking about to Khasia minorities village those living inside the forest, in the afternoon have a lunch and 3 hour train journey to Sylhet.

Day-10: most visited Jaflong and Lalakhal cruise
In the morning car drive to Jaflong visited most viewed picturesque place of Bangladesh where stone collection from river are interesting and surrounding scenery Indian hill view and streams of waterfall attracts travelers, in the afternoon return Sarighat for a boat trip though Lalakhal up to zero point always attracts travelers as hillside tea garden and rustic charms, in the evening return Sylhet hotel Metro international.
Day-11: Sylhet shrine and fly to Dhaka
In the morning visit Sylhet Shrine’s and drive to catch afternoon flight to Dhaka and stay in hotel La Meridian.

Day-12: airport transfer catching your final departure from Bangladesh after ending Bangladesh tour as well by God grace.
Tour price per person in US$
02 person— 03 person— 04 person— 05 person— 06 person
990———-870———— 750————- 690——— 650
Price includes:
1. Airport shuttle + 3 nights Dhaka hotel
2. Dhaka sight-seeing and brief boat building trip
3. Sonargaon archaeological historic trip
4. Dhaka to Hularhat cruise by rocket `1st class cabin
5. Hularhat – Bagerhat heritage sites visit and transfer to Khulna by car
6. Khulna city inn hotel accommodation,
7. Sonargaon archaeological trip and accompanied guide,
8. Archaeological trip by private Ac vehicle around Rajshahi, Bogra and Dinajpur
9. Dhaka to Srimangal by morning train
10. Srimangal tea plantation and rainforest expedition
11. Srimangal tea resort and the tour with an accompanied guide.
12. Sylhet + Jaflong and Lalakhal cruise by car
13. Sylhet hotel Metro international accommodation
14. Sylhet to Dhaka by domestic flight
15. Entry fees and the tour as per itinerary.

Price excludes: all food except complimentary breakfast, tips and personal cost.