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Sundarban Tours

Sundarban weekend package tour on every Thursday from Dhaka or every Wednesday by rocket steamer from Dhaka 

Sundarban private tour in the week days ( Monday to Wednesday )

our private tour to the Sundarbans for family / small group at any date

The Sundarbans Ecosystem contains diverse flora and fauna is about 10,000 Sq. km of which roughly 60% lies in the south-west of Bangladesh is the world’s largest 35 species true tidal mangrove forest adapted aerial roots breath taking for respiration where living faunal diversity plays an important role in mangrove ecosystem. The Sundarbans is the magnificent rich wildlife conservation including Royal Bengal Tiger habitation area of local and global valued.


The Bangladesh Sundarbans covers an area of about 6,000, of which 1,750 Sq. km is under water as rivers, canal and rest of the forest floor contain a wide range of precious natural products, such as timber for construction, fish, honey, nipa palm leaves for thatching, etc. A total 1,397 of the three wildlife sanctuaries where wildlife are visible best there. The magnetic estuaries are Katka, Kachikhali and Heron point where Bangladesh responsible tour operators offers verities  package and private tours by many capacities of house boats that vary price as per standard of the vessel facilities.


Sundarban package tour started from Khulna or Mongla based 10 person or 20 person capacities boat or 34 person or 50 person capacities tourist vessel on every Friday morning in the month of December to March. Single or couple or family can join in the confirm departure.

Sundarban wildlife sanctuaries expeditions ( KATKA & KACHIKHALI)


Highlighted sights to be discover:

  • Katka Tiger hill trail
  • Early morning bird and aquatic mammals watching by silent boat through Katka and Kachikhali canal
  • Katka observation tower via Katka beach and Jamtola beach trail
  • Wildlife view point in Kachikhali grassland
  • Harbaria and Karamjal crocodile breeding center on the way

Sundarban weekend tour itinerary: ( Thursday to Sunday )

Day-01: Khulna – Harbaria Eco tourism trail – Katka wildlife estuary

early in the morning board into the Sundarbans tourist vessel from Khulna steamer ghat or Jail khana ghat, the ship immediately start its cruise about to Harbaria Eco tourism center, on the way we stop to get permission copy and forest armed guard joining in the trip usually. Rest of the day, cruise through water bodies of the magnificent mangrove forest, in the evening anchor the ship near the Bay of Bengal at Katka.

Day-02: early in the morning bird watching after breakfast a short visit to the Katka office back side en-route to Tiger hill where spotted many deer and Macaque under the keora tree which deer savoring.

A walk through jungle just 2.50 km for a silent sea beach and walk through beach trail, return to the boat having lunch meantime our boat started cruise through water bodies of the forest reaching by 2 hours and half for well worth visit at Kachikhali wildlife and Tiger point. The main activities are- walk through jungle deer spotting area and significant canal cruise in search of wildlife from our close, BBQ dinner. Meantime the ship cruise back to Harintana forest range,

Day-03: in the morning a cruise started to return, in the afternoon visit Karamjal crocodile breeding center and in the evening after having Dinner leave the boat at Khulna.

  1. Sundarban package tour from Dhaka by Scania Volvo bus both way overnight journey within 3 days / 4 nights ( Thursday night to Sunday night is tour period )

Sundarban package tour from Dhaka @ 9000 to 9500 Taka if foreigner @ 200 US$

Sundarban adventure tours around the Tiger points along the Bay of Bengal

Duration: 4 days inside the forest around wildlife sanctuaries

Tour Type: Adventure & Private tour for small group of foreign nationality

Day-01:  Dhaka city tour & board into the Rocket steamer

* Dhaka city Museum & Monuments tour * 1st class rocket steamer ride

Day-02: Rocket – Bagerhat World heritage site & board into the Sundarban boat

* sunrise photography from rocket over the river * countryside experience on a rocket up to 9:30 AM * visit Bagerhat World heritage site * Explore Harbaria Eco tourism center

Day-03: Kachikhali Tiger point expeditions and walk through green beach

 * Kachikhali canal cruise by raw boat * wildlife view point trail * Kachikhali to Katka 8km trail * Katka Tiger hill area * Katka canal cruise * spend time in search of endanger species in the canal & observation tower, BBQ dinner.

Day-04: Katka Tiger point expedition’s and return cruise to Harintana in the evening

* Early morning in the canal by raw boat * Tiger point safari * cruise to Harintana

Day-05: Karamjal crocodile breeding center and car drive to Jessore and fly to Dhaka

Private Tour Price per person: USD. 850 if run by 02 person

Private Tour Price per person: USD. 580 if run by 04 person

Private Tour Price: USD. 490 if run by 06 person

Price Includes:

* Dhaka city tour * Rocket steamer 1st class cabin * car transfer * foreigners entry fees * 4 days adventure by private boat * Jessore to Dhaka air tickets * tour guide.

  1. Sundarban package tour based Rocket steamer and Volvo bus or air

Depart Dhaka to Hularhat by 1st class rocket steamer cruise to visit Bagerhat architectural heritage sites by car and the Sundarban package tour for 3 days then return Dhaka by train. This cruise is started from Dhaka on every Wednesday to Sunday night journey to Dhaka.

Inclusive of all cost @ US$ 420 and the price based rocket + car + overnight sleeper / AC chair in train

Many Bangladeshi travelers has Govt. holidays in the month of December and they are willing to family vacation in any tourist places but that time maximum good hotel, logistics and places are fulfill by tourists. The Sundarban is the best value adventure travel destination is home to the Bengal Tiger so that absolutely sounds romance hearing the name of the Sundarban where we are offering weekend ( already booked maximum vessel ) and week days tour in December to February

Sundarban tour during week days (every Monday to Wednesday)

Duration: 3 days

Places to be expeditions: Katka wildlife and Tiger point + Dubla island + Hiron point

Monday: Mongla to Katka and explore wildlife grassland or trail to the Tiger hill

Tuesday: Hiron point Tiger trail and wildlife expeditions, in the afternoon enjoy Dubla island silvery sandy beach.

Wednesday: return to Mongla, on the way visit Harbaria and crocodile breeding center.

Price per person: 8000 if run by 20 or 30 person

Price includes: all food for 3 days in fine dining + permission + 3 days wildlife trail + tour guide + accommodation in vessel cabin.

Sundarban tour during week days (every Monday to Thursday)

Duration: 4 days

Places to be expeditions: Katka wildlife and Tiger point + Dubla island + Hiron point

Monday: Mongla to Katka and explore wildlife grassland or trail to the Tiger hill and take a photo of few hundred spotted wild deer on the way to Tiger trail.

Overnight stay in the boat cabin at KATKA along the Bay of Bengal

Tuesday: Early morning watching birds and aquatic mammals and wildlife from your close while cruise through creeks after having breakfast walk to Katka beach and beach trail through dense forest grassland where often found endanger species, return to the boat having lunch meantime started cruise to Dubla island / Hiron point.

Overnight stay in the boat cabin at Hiron point and enjoy BBQ dinner

Wednesday: Hiron point Tiger trail and wildlife expeditions, in the afternoon enjoy in the Dubla island silvery sandy beach, return cruise.

Overnight stay in the boat cabin at Harintana 

Thursday: return to Mongla, on the way visit Harbaria and crocodile breeding center.

Price per person: 8500 if run by 30 person

Price includes: all food for 4 days in fine dining + permission + 4 days wildlife trail + tour guide + accommodation in vessel cabin.

Vessel facilities: The vessel has English and French style toilets for common room guests and 4 rooms with attached bath, fine dining, vessel front comfort sitting arrangement, all types of room for the guests. We have 2 other vessel partnership for 35 people ( Deluxe ) and 20 person capacities ( Standard boats ).

Sundarban  and Bagerhat trip based rocket and air @ $ 430 to $ 650

Wednesday: in the evening Depart Sadarghat Dhaka by rocket 1st class cruise and have have dinner.

Thursday: leave the steamer and car drive to Bagerhat, in the afternoon resume to Mongla, stay in Pashur hotel deluxe room. B,L,D.

Friday: early morning board into the boat and cruise to the sundarban at Katka

Saturday: full day wildlife expeditions in Katka and Kachkhali, BBQ dinner.

Sunday: visit Harbaria and Karamjal, in the afternoon leave the boat at Mongla those return by air or after have early dinner Volvo bus from Khulna to Dhaka.

  1. Sundarban package tour by air @ 20,000

  • Every Thursday evening flight to Jessore and car journey to Mongla / Khulna
  • Overnight in Mongla Pashur hotel or Khulna City inn
  • 3 days inside the estuaries along the Bay of Bengal
  • All food, permission and all cost
  • The trip if run by Minimum 2 person

Price per person: BDT. 6,200 to 6500 from Khulna

The cruise based 65 person or 80 person capacities tourist ship

Ship Details:

The Ship -1 is the best for big group in the Sundarbans Forest. It provides accommodation for 58 people.

Accommodation facilities: 30 Cabins with 70 beds for 75 person in 1st & 2nd floor

Dinning: Large Dinning Lounge with seating arrangements at grand floor

Toilet Facilities: 4 Indian Style and 3 Western Style Toilets and 3 Showers

Ship-2: We use another tourist ship is capacity of 65 person based all type of cabin like twin, family, four bedded and three bedded. There are 8 toilets and shower, kitchen, fine dining and all other facilities for the comfort cruise inside the forest.

  1. Sundarban private tour for any individual group if any couple or family choice any of our boat for confirm departure and permits other tourist then price will be shared among the participant.

This price only for foreigner if we run guests desire date

Private Price per person: BDT.  (Transport : Rocket + Boat + Car + air)

02 person —03 person—04 person—05 person—06 person -10 person

$ 655 ……$ 550 ………$ 455……$ 420…..$ 390……$ 365 and $ 360

Note: we must use our 20 person capacities boat if 10 person foreigners.

1st Day

Break Fast (9:00 am): Welcome Drinks + Bread + Jam + Honey + Boiled Egg + Banana +        Tea/Coffee

Tea Break (11:30 am) : Biscuits + Tea/Coffee

Lunch (1:30 pm) : Plain Rice + Green Vegetables + Muro Ghonto + Fish Dopaiso + Beef Bhoona + Salad

Tea Break (5:00 pm) :cak + Tea/Coffee

Dinner (8:30 pm) : Plain Rice + Mixed Vegetables + Fish Bhoona + Chicken Curry + Dal + Salad

2nd Day

Break Fast (9:00 am) : Bhoona Khichuri + Begun Vaji + Achar + Egg Bhoona + Tea/Coffee

Tea Break (10:30 am) : Orange Juice + Banana + Biscuite

Lunch (1:30 pm) : Plain Rice + Lau with Chingri + Corral Fish Dopaiso + Chicken Zal Fry + Dal + Salad

Tea Break (5:00 pm) : Noodles + Tea/Coffee

Dinner (8:30 pm) : Luchi Porata + Chicken Bar-B-Q + Duck Rezala with Potato + Salad + Soft Drinks

3rd Day

Break Fast ((9:00 am) : Porata + Chicken Lotpoti with Dal + Potato Bhoona + Salad + Tea/Coffee

Tea Break (11:30 am) : Cake + Tea/Coffee

Lunch (1:30 pm) : Mutton Biriani + Boiled Egg + Dai + Salad+ Shrimp

Tea break (5:00 pm) : Pakura + Tea/Coffee

Dinner: fried rice and chicken fry with soft drinks.

N. B.   During The Tour We Will Serve Drinking / bottle Water And Tea / Coffee are available for 5 times.