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Bandarban – a mountainous land of tribes

Landing at Bandarban is just 92km drive off the country’s second largest Chittagong city accessible by International flight and domestic flights or day / night train or Scania Volvo bus from Dhaka.


Bandarban hill tracts steeped in isolated tradition of diverse indigenous minorities whose maximum are existing down hills, hillside and remote areas of Bandarban districts. Its authentic expedition’s one to other villages through off the beaten tracts exploring the difference lifestyle of ethnic people whose have each to others own cultural pattern, customs, rituals, distinctive rites, language and warm hospitality introducing the outstanding culture in Bangladesh

Upon off the city much far reaching green hills view, fabulous waterfalls and its streams attracts to any ages travelers. A hillside cruise on shangu river is superb while substantial tropical scenery extremely breathtaking.

These striking environs added enormously to the expeditions part a sense of constant traveling great Bangladesh.

Bandarban is the God gifts with hills, river, and waterfalls streams stretch whole Bandarban districts and three highest  mountain – Tazing dong, Maudak Mual and Keokradong wild trekking for world trekkers to learn the indigenous life those are still survive in the remotest part of Bandarban but Bangladesh Government cannot facilitate World classes safety in wild hiking expeditions.

Best Tour itinerary -01:

Chittagong hill tracts tour – Bandarban – Nilgiri – Ruma and Rangamati
These trip cover the Chittagong hill tracts around rural tribal villages around highest hills and wild beauty along with cruise around Kaptai lake valley and explore Rangamati tourist spots.
We will started to cover Chittagong hill tracts either Rangamati 1st time or Bandarban according to your travel date, actually we want either attend on Monday or Thursday early morning at Ruma bazaar where many tribes attend with vegetable, tobacco and grain from remotest region of Bandarban and the weekly haat on Monday and Thursda

trekking Tour itinerary :
Saturday – Day-01: Dhaka – Chittagong flight or train journey and 92km car drive
early in the morning our guide will transfer you either at Dhaka airport catching morning flight or at the Railway station catching direct train journey to Chittagong after having lunch car drive to Bandarban ( 92km ), rest of the day explore Golden Temple, haatibandha tribal village, overnight in Bandarban hotel / resort.

Sunday – Day-02: explore Nilgiri and Chimbuk highest hills and hill tribes
in the morning chander gari ( car of moon ) drive to highest hills of Bandarban at Nilgiri and Chimbuk mostly viewed romantic view point of Ganges floodplains, explore Murong and Bawm tribes, continue on to Ruma for a magnificent shangu river cruise and night halt in Eco resort after having BBQ dinner.

Monday – Day-03: Largest tribal haat – experience the difference of 10 different tribes
Early in the morning walk through Ruma bazaar where diverse indigenous people attend in this significant weekly bazaar from far distance and you will inspired seeing the difference tribal people attended from remotest part, rest of the day well worth visiting tribal villages lies around the downhill of Boga lake, if permitted enjoy hill top natural Boga lake, return to the resort for night halt, dinner.

Tuesday- Day-04: Tripura tribal village – Bandarban – Rangamati
explore Tripura village for half an hour and return to Bandarban and continue on to Rangamati by car / van, takes 3 hours scenic drive to check in hotel at Rangamati.
Wednesday-Day-05: Kaptai lake cruise exploring isolated tribal islet, bazaar and waterfall
a significant Kaptai lake cruise through emerald blue water around rocks and high hills and numerous island stretches in the water body where live several indigenous people. We find mountain like hills around Shuvolong waterfall, we take you at Mermaid restaurant having bamboo chicken and delicious fish, Buddhist Monk and vihara, late in the afternoon car drive to Chittagong catching overnight train sleeper journey to Srimangal Or evening last flight to Dhaka, on arrival transfer to the hotel / residence.

Price will be quote as per guests demanded trip logistics and plan
Price includes:
* Dhaka to Chittagong by morning direct train AC chair seat or flight
* Chittagong to Bandarban by Ac car
* Bandarban sightseeing and 1 night stay in Ac deluxe room,
* Hill hiking accessible by jeep to Nilgiri and Chimbuk
* 2 night stay in Ruma Eco resort with BBQ dinner
* Ruma – tribal villages and Ruma bazaar and shangu river trip
* Bandarban to Rangamati by Ac car
* Permission cost for Bandarban and Ranamati
* Full day Kaptai lake private cruise around rocks and highest hills and remote region
* Rangamati to Chittagong by Ac car and overnight sleeper train journey to Sylhet or evening flight to Dhaka.
* English speaking tour guide and all food.
* The trip as per itinerary.

Price not includes – Tips.

Beach and mountain expeditions

Best time: Winter ( November to March )

in the summer ( May to October ) we discover downhill of Boga lake and hillside cruise from Bandarban to Ruma

tour itinerary:

Day-01: Dhaka – Chittagong train journey and 3 hours drive to Bandarban

Early morning wake up catching direct train ( Sonar bangla express ) and its arrive by 13:30 hours for having a lunch and car drive 92km to Bandarban hillside resort or Venus resort.

Day-02: Bandarban – Ruma – remote tribes – hill top Boga lake

on arrival after having breakfast chander gari jeep drive to Ruma bazaar to entry in check point after having lunch hilly drive to Komola bazar which is downhill of Boga lake, check in Eco cottage house, free time around fascinating mysterious Boga lake, BBQ dinner will be served.

On our way we must explore Tripura tribal village before reaching Ruma and Marma and Khumi tribes in the downhill of Boga lake.

Day-03: Mt. Keokradong trekking

in the morning hiking about to Keokradong mountain(986 meters) for those physically and mentally capable travelers,  on our way rest on the Darjeeling para, trekking experience 3rd highest mountain of Bangladesh, take a lunch on Keokradong peak, in the afternoon hike down to explore untold gem of remotest mountainous wild beauty, check in Keokradong cottage, dinner and overnight stay.

Day-04: wild trail and hill tribes hike down to Ruma bazaar

in this morning hike down to Boga lake and explore several ethnic village of remote region those struggle to live through the series of hills, waterfall and mountain, in the afternoon sign out from Army camp and resume drive to Bandarban for night stay.

Day-05: Bandarban – Cox’s bazaar bus drive and visiting Himchari and Inani

Public bus drive to Cox’s bazaar in the morning and on arrival check in 3 star good hotel at hotel motel zone after having lunch drive to himchari, coral beach and Inani beach rest of the day.

 Day-06: experience the difference in Sonadia and Moheskhali Island

a private cruise to Sonadia island and Moheskhali packet dry cake will be served for day long outing and on the way visit boat building, return to Cox’s bazaar for having late lunch and you can drive by Tuk Tuk to Ramu seeing largest bronze statue, in the evening free time after last dinner here catching overnight sleeper class Volvo bus journey to Dhaka.

Day-07: Bus station to hotel / airport transfer

in this morning on arrival Dhaka, our guide transfer you at hotel or ask for visiting Sonargaon old Capital city.

 Price per person in US$

02 person —-03 person —-04 person—05 person —-06 person

$ 565.00……$ 500.00…….$ 460.00…….$ 425.00…….$ 380.00

Private hiking Price includes:

  1. Dhaka Chittagong –non stop train A/c chair tickets,
  2. Chittagong – Bandarban by A/c vehicle,
  3. Bandarban – Cox’s bazaar by bus,
  4. Inani + coral beach and himchari if time permits visit Ramu
  5. 4 night stay in resort, cottage and beach 3 star hotel.
  6. All food for 6 days ( 3 ordinary meal with BBQ dinner in a day)
  7. Boga lake + Keokradong and remote hill tribes,
  8. private boat trip to Sonadia and Moheskhali island
  9. Cox’s bazaar to Dhaka by Sleeper Volvo bus.
  10. English speaking tour guide for the trip as per itinerary.

Price exclude: personal cost and tips.

Bandarban hiking more than hills and remote tribal villages

Bandarban is the hill district town of Chittagong hill tracts is home to diverse ethnic communities those are living in and around rare scenic beauty of hillside forested lands, river bank, mountain and top of the hills both urban and rural part. Bandarban hill tribes culture enjoyed by flat areas world. Bandarban hillside cruise is very enjoyable and breathtaking. there are adventurous.

all inclusive private tour packages price in US$

Day Tour Name


Duration 1 person 2 person 3 person 4 person 5 person


6 person
7. Bandarban – Bogalake – Mt. Keokradong by air & jeep 4  D / 3 N US$ 750 US$ 540 US$ 470 US$ 405 US$ 385 360
8. Cox’s bazaar beach and Keokradong mountain  trip 7 D / 6 N —– US$ 550 US$470 US$ 430 US$ 410 US$ 380
9. Boga lake and Mt. keokradong trekking by Ac bus and jeep 3 D / 4 N US$ 410 US$ 270 US$ 210 US$ 180 US$ 160 US$ 150
10. Bandarban – Bogalake and Mt. Keokradong by Ac bus 4 D / 5 N US$ 490 US$ 320 US$ 265 US$ 230 US$ 210 US$ 190
11. Bandarban hill tribes by air 3 D / 2 N US$ 690 US$ 470 US$ 400 US$ 350 US$ 340 US$ 320
12. Bandarban trip by train & car 3 D / 3 N US$ 680 US$ 390 US$ 365 US$ 330 US$ 305 US$ 290
13. Trip to Chittagong hill tracts – Rangamati & Bandarban  Dhaka by Ac bus & Jeep 3 D / 4 N US$ 525 US$ 330 US$ 280 US$ 265 US$ 255 US$ 230
14. Trip to Chittagong hill tracts – Rangamati & Bandarban by Air + car & Jeep 4 D / 3 N US$ 780 US$ 520 US$ 460 US$ 420 US$ 370 US$ 345
15. Chittagong hill tracts – Rangamati trip by air & car 3 D / 2 N US$ 620 US$ 560 US$ 370 US$ 350 US$ 330 US$ 310